Gift & Loyalty

Loyalty Cards 

Altus Premier’s loyalty functionality helps you engage, retain and grow your current customer base. It is proven that small reductions in customer defections dramatically increase profitability.

Gift Cards

Gift cards provide a simple, effective way to increase sales and are increasingly being used as an alternative to deep discounts. Generate new customers when used as gifts to customers’ family and friends.

Custom Card Designs

Think of your loyalty and gift cards as miniature billboards in your customers’ wallets. That’s why we produce uniquely customized cards for your business. Our in-house graphic designers will work with you in molding your vision into a plastic card masterpiece.

Altus Premier 150

(1 Design) with 150 Gift and/or Loyalty Cards
150 Gift Card Holders
(1) 12X18 Poster, (1) 4x6 Sign Holder

Altus Premier 250

(1 Design) with 250 Gift and/or Loyalty Cards
250 Gift Card Holders
(2) 12x18 Posters, (2) 4x6 Sign Holders

Altus Premier 500

(Up to 3 Designs) with 500 Gift and/or Loyalty Cards
500 Gift Card Holders
(5) 12x18 Posters, (5) 4x6 Sign Holders

Altus Premier 1000

(Up to 5 Designs) with 1000 Gift and/or Loyalty Cards
1000 Gift Card Holders
(10) 12x18 Posters, (10) 4x6 Sign Holders

40% off on future card orders.

Once we receive the artwork for the gift and loyalty cards, it could take up to a few days for us to get a gift card proof sent to you. When the gift card proof is approved, it takes 10 to 15 business days for the cards to print and then they ship out to you! (During the holidays the cards take closer to 15 business days).

Loyalty Options

Points: track & reward based on customer spending
Example: Spend $100 and receive $10 reward

Frequency: track and reward customer based on amount of visits or purchases
Example: Visit 10 times and receive a free Appetizer